Starting a low cost security business

From a general persons perspective:

We’ve lately fitted CCTV to our house mostly to watch the car and the van but there was also something winding up my chickens early in the morning….. This made me no friends whatsoever! Turned out to be a cat but that is another story. To be honest when we began looking into security cameras we did not have a hint what to look for, the only thing we did understand (after three estimates) was we were looking at about £700 for 4 cameras and a hard drive.

I am aware it will not seem a lot for a security system but at the end of the day it’s only 4x cameras a few bits of cable and a hard drive with a plug outlet to power it all. For those who take a look round the large DIY stores, you’ll notice that 4x camera cctv packages cost around £300, you get pretty much what we were being quoted for and you save yourself £400.

It took me no more than the usual day to set my system up and that was with all of the ducting i used to tidy the cable up. Imagine if that third and closing quotation had been for £550, I ‘d have snapped his arm off there and then! Without being selfish he could have netted himself around £200 for a day’s work (£300 for the cameras and £50 for fine ducting).

To set up a business such as this it’s quite easy, you do not need to be an electrician as the gear comes with plugs and outlets. All you merely do is think about where the cameras are planning to go, get up there and drill some small holes, put up the camera, link and run the cable from your camera to the hard disk, assess it’s all functioning nicely, put the wire away within the ducting to make it appear fine and collect your cash.