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Security Consultant Strategies (“SCS”), with over 40 years of security management experience, provides organizational analysis of threats (risk assessment), existing security strategy review, and implementation of cost effective defensive strategies.

The founder and CEO of Security Consultant Strategies, had previously been President and principal consultant of a security service company providing security officer services, state-of-the-art proprietary and commercial security system installations, central station monitoring and special business investigations for over 20 years.

Founded in 1983, Security Consultant Strategies and its strategic partners worldwide design appropriate defensive strategies in commercial, industrial, institutional and government environments. Unique asset protection programs include, but are not limited to advanced strategies in risk assessment, security system design, crime prevention, adequacy of security analysis, security awareness, crowd control, and the development of security management training for organizational staff.

He is a recognized lecturer, an authoritative leader, and innovator in the security management profession. His articles have been published extensively. He has been cited in text books, chaired committees, and has lectured frequently at the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania and at St. Joseph's University. He formerly taught security courses at Temple and West Chester Universities. He is currently on the Security Journal, published in Association with the ASIS Foundation by Perpetuity Press, Leicester, UK; the College Security Report, Rusting Publications; and Security Management Bulletin, Bureau of Business Practices.

Professional references available upon request. Since 1989 he has maintained a relational database of all consulting and assignments. Reports of industries served, types of services rendered, etc. can easily be prepared from these data. He is listed with international and professional directories under the following: Security Systems Expert, Crime and Loss Prevention, Premises Security Liability, Security Officer Consulting, Crowd Control, Expert Witness Security, Security Procedures Development, Security Awareness Programs, Security Training, Foreseability Analysis, Security Systems Audit.

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Alarm Company & Security Guard Operations

Risk Assessment & Defensive Strategy

Evaluate Security Integrity & Operations

Prepare Security System Guidelines & RFP

Prepare Security Policy and Procedures

Statistical Studies & Software Strategies

Safeguarding Proprietary Information Programs

Executive Protection & Travel Security

Special Business Investigations

Compliance with Life Safety & Environment

Emergency Procedures & Post Instructions

Security Staff Training & Orientation
Employee Security & Awareness Programs

Violence in the Workplace Programs
Facilitating Security Focus Group Studies

Disaster Recovery and Crisis Management

Communications & Computer Security

Fraud Prevention & Ethics Programs
International Intelligence & Investigations

Physical Security to Video Surveillance

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Security Systems
Loss Prevention
Security Training
Foreseability Study
Security Officers
Crowd Control
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